The Cardinal Rules Of Internet Dating


Recently. I was at a friend’s birthday party and one of her BF’s friends was like, ‘You! Is this awkward but I think I recognise you from OkCupid. Maybe it was Tinder. You really shouldn’t use the same picture for everything.’ Turns out I broke one of the Cardinal Rules of Internet Dating.

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I Could Be Your Tinderella

online dating

Me: So I’ve signed up to Tinder. And OkCupid. Ok, fine and DatingBuzz
Friend (horrified): But…why?
Me: Where am I meant to meet someone?
Friend: That’s why you need to go out more! Meet new people! Go to gigs! Go to concerts!
Me: …Can you see me dating someone I met at Assembly? Can you even see me at Assembly past, like, 12am?
Friend: ….True. Well, what about some place where you’d meet people with similar interests?
Me: Books and cats? I don’t think there’s a club for that. At least not a club with men.

Finding someone you want to date is hard. Like really hard. The “usual” way to meet people is through your friends. But I have a problem here: I have a close-knit circle of friends who are a) all friends with each other and not many other people b) also mostly live overseas. After the break-up with Dean I put myself on a Man Ban for a very long time to clear my head and heart. After that I dabbled in online dating before giving up on it. But at the end of last year I finally gave it a serious try.

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Tinder: A Guide to Swiping Left


Let’s be honest.

Bookish girls don’t find guys in a bar.

We don’t find them at weird blind dates set up by well meaning friends.

We find them on the internet. Like we find the rest of our friends.

So it’s little surprise that after my weird adventures into DatingBuzz and OkCupid that I thought, fuck it, let me try Tinder. How weird could it get?

Plenty weird.

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