How to be Single (again)

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I’m currently navigating a pretty new breakup. Which sucks. (And explains my return to blogging). I’d been with The Guy for about a year and half, so all my single ways have been deleted from my brain (but really, after a few hours anything gets deleted from my brain). The adjustment to life without Bae is…hard.

If you too are going through a breakup, never fear. I’m here to gently guide you and your unstable emotions through this process like these guys herding cats:

herding cats.gif

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The dating website made for me

23950605_so0QR3qU_c_largeRegular readers of this blog will know that as a (not so) newly single, I decided to dabble my pedicured toes in the pools of internet (not) hotties and meet new people. It didn’t work too well for and maybe it’s because I wasn’t, like, totally honest with the interwebs.


But then I saw this video. And I was like: OMG, for me <3.

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