How to be Single (again)

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I’m currently navigating a pretty new breakup. Which sucks. (And explains my return to blogging). I’d been with The Guy for about a year and half, so all my single ways have been deleted from my brain (but really, after a few hours anything gets deleted from my brain). The adjustment to life without Bae is…hard.

If you too are going through a breakup, never fear. I’m here to gently guide you and your unstable emotions through this process like these guys herding cats:

herding cats.gif

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The Week That Was



I’m not sure if it was the passing of Madiba, the approach of Christmas or just the last few months getting to me (again), but generally this week has sucked. A lot. I’ve just been a big old ball of misery. I’ve had my gal pals to lean on, but some heartaches, honey, you just got to go through.

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