Finding my feet at 30

Someecards via Pinterest

A few years ago I wrote this post about how I couldn’t wait to turn 30. I longed for a time of stability, a sense of self, a sense of home. But between 27 and today I lost two more jobs and one more relationship. And what I’ve found on the other side, isn’t solid ground.

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Festive Season Wrap Up


Oh, hello. Why, I’m alive after all! With fingers for blogging and toes for wriggling, I’m giving this whole writing thing another go. By the end of last year I was frequently complaining to my friends that I was “over writing” and that I “hated words, grammar, sentences – the whole darn lot”. It’ been three weeks and I have one more to go before I head back to work, so it’s time to oil my rusty brain wheels and get back into writing.

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