Finding my feet at 30

Someecards via Pinterest

A few years ago I wrote this post about how I couldn’t wait to turn 30. I longed for a time of stability, a sense of self, a sense of home. But between 27 and today I lost two more jobs and one more relationship. And what I’ve found on the other side, isn’t solid ground.

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You know what sucks? Breakups.

tumblr_lgzcy3M8V91qz9o03o1_500_largeThe last time I went through a breakup was with Sebastien in 2008. I stayed single for a whole three years after that. Sure I went on a date here, a dinner there. But I was single lady ploughing ahead in my career (which, I must say, worked out quite nicely). Then I met Dean in 2011 and we dated until a few months backΒ (when I also lost my job). My whole life has changed and some days, the sucker punch of that reality still takes me out.

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