The Problem With Tinder


I’ve said it before, I’m a fan of Tinder – because where else are bookish girls with a desire to go to bed early and make friends with cats going to find men? But, BUT there’s a problem (well, many) with internet/Tinder dating: It requires you to invest a large amount of time into people you don’t even know, let alone know if you like.


The first few weeks – if not months – of dating are all about getting to know the other person and figuring out if you want to spend copious amounts of time with them ie. the rest of your life in confined spaces for hours and days at a time. You have to woo and be wooed. Look your best. Not say all the weird shit that comes to you (in the words of an old colleague on a windy day, ‘I wonder how birds feel?’). But there is at least, at least, some inkling that you like this person. With Tinder (or any online dating site however)…


Eh, I could like.
I could not.
You could be fucking amazing.
Or just another generic asshole.
But I am going to have to put time – SO MUCH MORE TIME – into figuring this out than if I’d met you out in the wild and I had some sense of whether or not I even liked the sound of your voice or if it made me feel like punching puppies.

Tinder and OkCupid are great ways to meet people (and racist idiots), but they’re also so exhausting.

Sign me up for speed dating any day.

Or just blind dates.

Image sources: no idea.

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