2014’s Bucket List

tumblr_l3kwvlvzJ81qasxryo1_500_largeI started this post on 1 December 2013 as a bucket list for summer 2013/2014 (but made an actual bucket list for that summer here) and for the rest of 2014 in general. It was inspired by this post of Tarryn’s (also known as The Cape Town Bestie), and I think it’s about time I start setting myself some goals, reaching some dreams and generally living the life I desire. As they happen, I’ll update this post and cross them off.

I only plan on posting this on 1 December 2014. I’ll cross things off and add new things on as I make the most out of 2014.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to do this. Let’s see what I’ve achieved!

  1. Go out to dinner/lunch/breakfast by myself at least six times this year. Try a different place every time. Find new restaurants too. Been to breakfast by myself a few times – but usually just to Tribakery – cause damn, I love their bacon. Also ate out alone a lot in London for lunch.
  2. Get out of town for at least one weekend. I went to London! For two weeks!
  3. Go on a trip, even if it’s just for a day.  I went to London! For two weeks! I WENT TO A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY.
  4. Go out a swanky date where the guy picks me up and we head to some swish restaurant I’ve never heard of. So I did go on a date with the dude picked me up and took me to a restaurant I hadn’t been to (even though I had heard of it). But we split the bill and the he decided he wasn’t “feeling a vibe” after three dates. All of which had been in one week, Yeaaaaaah.
  5. Buy myself flowers instead of waiting for someone to buy them for me. Pretty sure I did this!
  6. Commit to yoga or some form of exercise (sub to this: touch my toes with ease). Just be more active. I DID THIS! I CAN TOUCH MY TOES! I can also almost flatten my feet in downward dog. Bitches be getting stretchy.
  7. Take a hike/walk somewhere pretty. DID THIS. Walked in Constantia a lot – some gorgeous places!
  8. Develop this blog and give it a little more love. Sorry blog, I’m fickle.
  9. Be a tourist in my own city. Whoops.
  10. Be kinder to myself. Yay me. I did this.
  11. Make at least three new friends. Do Twitter friends that I haven’t really met count? Yeah ok fine. I still don’t have new friends 😥
  12. Take better care of myself: learn to cook new meals, do my hair, make an effort to look pretty just for me. Did this somewhat – my hair is something I like to pamper. And I’ve been attempting to take better care of my nails. Learnt to cook a few new meals. But there’s definitely room to improve in 2015!
  13. Read 40 books by the end of the year. According to GoodReads I only read 21. But I also stopped updating what I read somewhere around May/June. So I think I got pretty close!
  14. Let go. Nope. I’m a lot like the creature in this Shel Sylverstein poem -The YipiYuk – I never let go. Man, I wish I could find you the audio clip from the cassette tape I used to listen to, best reading of the poem. Seth Perkins sucks at it. Anyway – NOPE. I didn’t let go.
  15. Say yes. Is it ironic that I helped name a site I now work on ‘Just Say Yes’? But I’ve said yes to more things than 2013 Jess would have. Well done present Jess. Well done.

This has inspired me to make a 2015 Bucket List. Let’s hope I don’t forget to do it.

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