The Summer of 2015

kiss me

By gods, how did this year pass so very quickly – and yet at times, so very goddam slowly? I tend to reflect too much, so I’m looking back at this year – as well as where as I was this time in 2014 (I’ll post my proper, regular, introspective at the end of the year). And, more than that, looking forward to 2015. One of the lights of my soul, The Long Distance Bestie, swears that 2015 will be better than 2014. I’m pretty sure she said that about 2014 in 2013, but I choose to believe her because, well, it’s about time I had a good year.

A year ago, I posted about The Summer of Jess. I was heartbroken, I was lonely, I was absolute misery. It’s been a full year and my heart still aches, I still get lonely and I’ve had my fair share of tearful moments. But I’m not as broken as I was, I’m not as ripped up and torn down. I didn’t feel like I’d ever get here, to this day, to this mostly-ok feeling. But I did.

And it gives me hope that in 365 days, I could be sitting in an even better place.

I plan on making this another summer that’s good for my soul. Here’s the goals:

1. Continue with my mission to meet new people – Twitter, MeetUp, DatingBuzz, OkCupid, Tinder. It’s time.
2. Continue with staying active. 2014 was the first year I focussed on my fitness, and I’ve made strides (check my guns, bitches), but there’s definitely room to do more.
3. Spend quality time with myself – date nights, treating myself, reading books and drinking bubbly.
4. See as much of my friends as I can. I am truly, truly blessed to know some incredible women, my soul is always happier when I get to spend time with them.
5. Get out in the sun.

I have grand plans and schemes for 2015.

You better keep your eyes on me


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