A London point of view

On 1 August I left rainy, miserable Cape Town for two weeks in London. The sun was bright there, the days were long and my heart was calm, something it hasn’t been in a while. I took a massive leap earlier this year and booked this trip and decided to hell with it, why have savings if you don’t do something crazy-wonderful once in a while?

London was overwhelming, magical, large, busy, so bright it hurt my eyes, unexpected and pretty much perfect. I left behind my smartphone, send good bye to social media and spent two weeks just being without the interference of all the worries back home.

I feel like I’m still processing the magic that happened to my heart and mind while I was there.

But the break was just what I needed to find my way through the rest of the year.

I left my heart in London town and I’m not sure I want it back.

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