Where I’ve been


Nowhere, really. Just sucked into mundane tasks of living – work, grocery shop, exerciset, cook, clean, sleep, do the dishes, do the laundry, repeat. But I have done a few fun things over the past two months. So here’s a shout out to the fabulous places I’ve been, the people I’ve seen and the times I’ve had.


Remember that time I entered to go to The SecretEATS? Well I won because, duh, I’m fabulous and that blog was a stroke of pure genius/manipulation/emotional blackmail. I took the CT Bestie as my plus one and headed to the event on 10 May which turned out to be at a Cape Town CBD’s only functional wine cellar, Dorrance. It was an icey night and the CT Bestie and I felt like spies with our passcode to get into the event. The food was delicious, the wine even more so and we got to chat to a few wonderful people – and make some new Twitter friends!

The events are a little on the pricey side (at a little over R500 per person), but if you’re looking to spoil an out of town friend or take a lover to some place way more interesting than an eatery on Kloof Street, this little gem is for you. (also check out that Photoshop work below, aint NOBODY got jack on my skillz)



Social Club ZA

A little later in May I posted on Twitter about looking for new friends/things to do. I got a DM from Natalie Vice of SocialClub inviting me to attend one of their events. The event I attended was held at the Alexander Bar in Strand Street. It started off with a wine tasting lesson with Francois from MAN Vinters – and their wines are truly delicious! We got to sample two whites and two reds and I really couldn’t pick a favourite.
After that we headed upstairs to the theatre where we had a live drawing class. Our bashful model struggled under the hot glare of the theatre lights and the scrutiny of 20+ giggling women, but he was a real champ. It was a fab evening that made me realise just how much I miss being creative and drawing. I was never great in high school, but I had a lot of fun. I was the lucky winner of the Best Tweet competition and received a set of pastels and a small drawing pad from ArtAttack. YAY.

drawing-faceP.S. Drawing requires my serious face.

Last Rounds

I’ve known the lovely writer and director of this fine piece of theatre for many years. We’re internet friends, you see. From back in the day when punk gigs were cool and Wynberg Sports Club was the place to be when you were 16 and too young (and straight edge) to get into clubs. Hell, we used to talk on MSN Messenger! 

Anyway, I digress. Last Rounds stars Rebecca Makin-Talyor and is a 60-minute one woman show about love, relationship and the men who came before. From hysterical dance scene (girl got moves) to serious ouch moments, I’m really glad I got a chance to see this piece before it heads to Grahamstown. You can still catch the show at the Alexander Bar on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. But do hurry, these tickets sell out fast.

418_Last Rounds teaser



Images: Main image by the internet (or that blog link on the pics, whichever); Secret Eats by St Photography; SocialClub by Mirra Photography and Last Rounds courtesy of The Pink Couch.

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