The world spins madly on


Can we pause for a moment? Suddenly it’s June and I’ve been away from this blog for almost two months. I have no good reason apart from the fact I’m tired, I’m cold, my head is spinning and all I want to do after work is do 30 minutes of yoga (#humblebrag) then curl up on the couch. But I feel bad for neglecting you, dear followers, dear blog, so after the jump I’ll supply you with the only thing that I can:

A summary of the last few months as told in cat gifs.



At first, I was all like: YAY 2014! Yay new year! New challenges! Give me all the things, give me allllllll the THINGS IN THE WORLD. No one can stop me, I am THE JESS.


And then the things started coming, and like this cat and his pig friend, I was at first excited and overjoyed by their appearance. But then they came at me, bro, they came at me hard. And I was like WTF IS GOING ON.



And now, like Sir Smoggy over here, I realise the battle is futile, but bat away I will. Bat away until it all comes pouring down on me. I shall not be moved. I shall not be conquered. But I shall sing ‘Lonely! I am so lonely!’ in a chipmunk voice to myself while doing the dishes (overhsaring means caring).

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