Dear Secret Eats, I think it’s time…


It’s been a while now, I think it’s time we come clean. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve written you this letter and shared online, but I don’t think it’s right, keeping this thing between us a secret. I think it’s time…

Dear Secret Eats,

This thing between us, it’s been going on for a while now.
We started out shy. I followed you, you followed me back (or maybe you followed me first, you’ve always been bold about these things). I favourited some tweets. If this was Facebook, I’d have liked some of your pictures too (I mean, just look at this food), but we’ve kept it casual, we’ve kept it cool. We haven’t made the move to Facebook just yet.

Maybe it’s because you dropped some hints, you wanted me to come round, but I didn’t quite get what you were aiming for.


But it’s been a rough few months and money’s been tight, so I played a flirtatious game and dropped some hints. You didn’t seem to understand how much I wanted to meet you. You’ve even asked me to help you meet other people  (I’m jealous, but I’ll try, I know you’re new around here still).


But it’s ok, it’s really fine. I’ve hung around, you’ve just got that charm. I’ve sipped my wine and scrolled through your pictures, imagined eating your magnificent food, laughing like the beautiful people in your pictures. (And tonight I’m drinking Jack Black beer while I do the same). I knew the time would come when we’d finally connect and with this latest development, I thought it time we came out about this thing between us:

We’ve had our eyes on each other for some time now.

Let’s make it official.

Let’s meet.


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