The Summer of Jess: The Final Chapter


I was going to post this last week but then I got food poisoning and yuck. But the time has come, my dearest one, to speak of things of sun and fun! To travel back down the road of the summer months and see if I accomplished my plans for these hot months. The original list is here and my post-summer holiday achievments were marked off over on this post.

1. Take at least one road trip/day trip. Not achieved. But booked to go to London in August so…counts?
2. Make new friends (hi, Twitter. Let’s meet up). No more new friends since last time, but hung out with those ones some too…
3. Spend time with my old friends. Achieved!
4. Finish the books on my To Read Pile. Got through three, then had a birthday and got moar.
5. Take myself on at least three dates to some place I’ve never been before. I’ve been to places with friends that I’ve never been too…no me dates, but at least I got out.
6. Go to the beach. FAILED.
7. See live music at least twice. Totally failed
8. Buy the prettiest summer dress (that I can also wear to work). Found!
9. Do one touristy thing (red bus, table mountain, cape point – who’s game?) FAILED.
10. Say yes to one thing I’d usually say no to (except coke. Always say no to coke). So much saying yes.

In other news: I just booked my tickets for two weeks in London. OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO LONDON.

3 thoughts on “The Summer of Jess: The Final Chapter

  1. Calling this post “The Final Chapter” is a little ominous, because I think you actually did really well with this list. I mean, who says that while you’re trying to get through a pile of books, you have to stop buying books? Um, no. Not with all those books out there that need a home.

    Also, “but at least I got out” made me feel guilty: I only leave the house when I have to go to school… But today I broke the pattern and went to the market, so “yay me!”

    It’s so awesome that you’re going to London! 😀 I expect to see pictures and occasional updates on this blog. I hope you have a great time. (And that you can stand the excitement while you wait for these next four months!)

  2. Yay, I’m so glad you were able to tick so many things off your list! August is going to be so amazing, but you know what, I think from now til August is also going to be great 🙂

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