Book review: Saving Quinton

quintonOh, Jessica Sorensen, why do I keep putting myself through your books? I reviewed book one in this series over on this page here. I kinda knew that I should expect this book to be all things amaze, but I hoped it would be….more.

Nova cannot forget Quinton Carter, the boy she met last summer when she was sucked under by depression and dabbling in drugs. But Nova has been coming to terms with her past since that crazy summer, slowly healing herself. Quinton is only going deeper into the world of drugs and self-destruction and when Nova shows up in his new home in Las Vegas, he’s sorely tempted to reach out to her – but knows he doesn’t deserve her goodness.

OH THE ANGST. I wanted to punch Quinton by about four of his chapters. He’s just so fucking self-indulgent in a way that isn’t charming and is actually just very self-pitying and self-involved and puke worthy. I also found the explicit descriptions of drug usage quite difficult to deal with. I get Jessica was doing this to paint a powerful picture of Quinton’s self destruction – but it went on for way too long. A lot like the first book, her pace is painfully slow. So. Freaking. Slow.

Again with the ending. If that ending had been three quarters into the book and the last quarter gave more resolution, more movement, more positive something…man that would have made this book a different experience. But it’s mostly a dark book of darkness that relishes in self-destruction.

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