Book Review: Savage Delight

savage delight$2.99 sales on Amazon are going to be the death of me. That and my inability to just let a series go and just accept that it may not be for me. I so desperately wanted to love this series – so much. And  a lot of what grated me in the first book didn’t bother me so much this time around, probably because I was expecting Jack to brood like Christian Grey and Isis to be try-too-hard-sass.

Since Isis Blake was attacked by her mom’s ex, she’s been recovering slowly in hospital. Everything is coming back together, well, everything except the memory of her not-so-terrible nemesis, Jack Hunter. In hospital she finally meets Sophia, the girl Jack will do anything to protect. Try as he might, Jack cannot stay away from Isis, the only girl he’s ever really felt something for.

Some secrets are revealed in this sequel and more are hinted at for the third and final instalment, also due out this year. The book just felt too short – and at 162 pages it’s a very quick read. A lot of the huge reveals that happened felt like they needed more lead up, more meat before the reveal. Which is weird, given how long I felt the first book was and it was only about 100 pages more. Hm.

This series leaves me feeling weird. I want to like it, I really want to, but, it never quite connects with me and the characters never feel very real – they’re more caricatures than ‘real’ people.

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