Book Review: Split Second

split secondI reviewed book one, Pivot Point last year. In Split Second, instead of following two different futures from Addie’s point of view, we’re told the story from her and her BFF, Laila’s, perspective. Interesting choice as having followed the same format of two-futures-Addie could have been a bit been-there-done-that. But I’m not sure even the change in narrative style as enough to make this a good read.

Addie’s life is barely recognisable since her parents split. She’s been used, she’s been betrayed and now her power is acting up too – she can slow down time but cannot control how it happens. Meanwhile, Laila needs to learn how to restore memories – most specifically Addie’s, but she’ll need the help of Connor, the brooding outcast from school. When Addie visits her father for winter break, she meets Trevor – a virtual stranger she’s feels like she’s always known. But when Trevor starts to suspect there’s more to Addie and her school than she’s letting on, things get complicated for all of them.

This was an ok sequel, it wasn’t great and didn’t blow my mind. And although it gave me some of the romance and reunions I’d hoped for during the first book, it just never grabbed me. The first book worked really well because of it’s unique idea – two different futures, both playing out at the same time. Now, we’ve taken the one path but Kasie West is trying to jam the other future that didn;t happen back in – it just feels a little clumsy.

I’d almost say, I’d have preferred to have left it at Pivot Point, even with the way it ended.

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