The Week That Was


…or really the month that was, but whatever.

1. Le Job
I’ve been adjusting to my new home and job, although there’s still a lot that’s undecided. As always, I’m keen for a challenge and am almost willing the higher powers to throw even more work at me. I’ve been running the Twitter profile for my current brand, and it’s been a huge learning curve. I’m slightly obsessed with my number of followers (only slightly…) and trying to get more. I check the site on weekends and even log into my email. I feel a bit like that first fish must have felt when he dragged himself out of the mud aeons ago and decided that fuck this shit, he’s going to walk!

2. Friends are everything
I’m very lucky to have four friends I can count on for absolutely anything – even if it’s just a comforting word at 1am. I’ve hit a few rough patches in the past weeks and when I’m feeling ‘oh, fuck I am going to die alone’ (a post on that later this week), they talk me off the ledge and remind me it’s really likely that I can get a cat to love me. Well, tolerate me.

3. Getting active
With my new job comes new hours which means my hour walk at lunch isn’t as doable any more. Instead, I’ve been trying to do a 5km walk every weekend in Constantia. I’ve missed the last two weeks because of first, a heatwave and second, a calf injury, but it’s really a gorgeous walk to do on my own. I’m also giving fitness videos from YouTube a try. I don’t think I’ll ever be a gym person, but I want to be more fit, so this is my attempt for the year. Let me just say, Tabata is the most evil form of cardio I have ever tried. I don’t even last four minutes and you’re meant to do 40. DOOM. Also, who the fuck can do burpees?!

4. Death and tragedy
While none of the deaths that happened close to my circle of living this month affected me directly, it’s always a sharp reminder about how quickly things can change. First, a man committed suicide in a flat further down on my floor, then a man who works for the same company that Β I do jumped off a building and then a highly respected magazine editor passed away. Sudden, sharp and shocking deaths.

5. Treats for me
I’ve been trying to do nice things for myself. Revelation, but you don’t have to go waiting on a guy to sweep you off your feet. I’ve taken myself for Sunday breakfast, been behind-the-scenes at the Two Oceans Aquarium, bought myself flowers and done all the little things that make me happy. Taking responsibility for my own happiness and joy has been refreshing. I started a project at the beginning of this year called ‘A Happiness Jar’. Every day, you write down one thing that made you happy that day (from a great cup of coffee to getting a promotion), fold it up and put it in your jar. When you’re having a bad day, pull them out and find happiness in the small things. I haven’t been great at doing it every day, but I’m trying to do it consistently. And it helps, to just pause for a moment each day and reflect on everything that’s happened.

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Aww… I didn’t know about all the death things *hug*

    I think the Happiness Jar is such a good idea. I think I may even start one (or a money jar…) cos even though I’m happy, sometimes I’m not so happy if you get what I mean, and doing things for yourself is good and empowering and well, just good.

    I totally admire your bravery xxx

    • Yeah, kinda awkward to open with: hey! this dude killed himself in his bath! Word. His GF found him. Life, hey.

      Happiness jars are great! kinda like a lot shorter version of a journal. And only filled with happy things. I tend to journal when I am a sad panda, so journaling happy times in a jar makes me feel sparkly.

      *hugs* bravery also comes from having a great support system. and you’re great.

  2. Many hugs! As Tarryn said, your bravery is admirable. ❀

    The happiness jar is a great idea! In the absence of a jar, I was using instagram for a similar thing earlier this year, instagramming one thing that made me smile each day, even if it was just my apple-scented lipbalm. I got a bit lazy though. xD The jar is a better idea anyway!

    I'll be staying on the other side of the mountain for a while when Luc gets here, so hopefully we can meet for coffee/tea sometime, as there won't be such transport woes! Would love to catch up more.

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