Book Review: Ink Is Thicker Than Water

ink is thicker than waterI loved Amy’s first book, The Reece Malcolm List, so when I saw this for $2.99 on Amazon all sense of ‘hey I need to save that R20 for coffee’ went out the window and bam, seconds later it was in my Kindle. But her second book just didn’t quite reach the heights of her first, I felt like I spent most of the book waiting for something – anything – to happen.

Kellie’s family is anything but normal – with a tattooist mom and step-dad, her younger half-brother, an adopted older sister and tough to get along with dad, she’s struggled to define ‘normal’. When her sister decides to meet her birth mother, things begin to lose control. Add to that her best friend ditching her for the cool kids and her crush becoming a full-blown thing before she’s ready for it, and she soon can’t tell which way is up.

Ink Is Thicker Than Water is one of those coming-of-age book. Our protagonist feels inferior to her sister, friends and classmate but finally decides to step up and change the hell out of her life. But the book moves so glacially. At times, it feels like we’re on the edge of something dramatic – but nothing ever, really, happens.

Perhaps it’s unfair to judge this book on Amy’s first one, but I was really hoping for the same spunky writing, the funny-without-trying too hard dialogue and the epic awkwardness she so easily created before. But this book just never really takes off and the writing does little to excite.

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