Book Review: Lovely Vicious

lovely viciousI’m feeling confused, y’all. I want to like this book, it has so much of the things that I like in a tasty little treat of a YA (snark: check; mysterious pasts: check; love-hate romance: check), but I just don’t think I loved it. I don’t think I even liked it. I think it was…average.

Isis Blake hasn’t been in love for three years, nine weeks and five days when she starts school in her new town in Ohio. One night a party, she awkwardly befriends popular, beautiful Kayla. When hot bad boy Jack makes her cry on the same night, Isis doesn’t back down: she goes to war with the boy who made her only friend cry. Neither of them expects where this will end.

They characters may not expect where this is going, but I sure as hell did from when I picked up. Again I thought it was standalone (I really need to research books better before just clicking buy on the $2.99 specials). I loved Isis’s snark but I didn’t love the fact that she kept fat shaming herself for THE ENTIRE NOVEL. I get it, she was fat, now she’s not. And while skinny hasn’t solved any of her problems, her fatness seems to have been the core of most of her issues. Authors, it really is possible to write a female character who is not skinny AND IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL TO THE STORYLINE (just read Rainbow Rowell’s books. Really. Just do it).

I was thrown for a bit of a loop where suddenly halfway through, after Isis being our narrator, Jack suddenly steps in as an alternate narrator. I really didn’t see the point to this. If you set up your formula early on in the story – STICK TO IT.

I’ll give the second book a try and hopefully it will charm me more. Because this book left me feeling oddly indifferent. Also: it didn’t need to be as long as it was.

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