Book Review: Dead Girls Don’t Lie

dead girls don't lieI’ve really become a fan of murder-mystery-thrillers lately. I think it started with Gone Girl and has just escalated since. While I love some happy, fluffy, love and rainbows YA, it’s nice to break out of the mould and go for something a little grittier once in a while.

When Rachel dies, her former BFF Jaycee is torn apart with guilt. Rachel and Jaycee had fallen apart several months ago, but Rachel called her on the night she was murdered. She called her and Jaycee didn’t answer. Now she’s left to follow a trail of clues to figure out not only what happened to Rachel – but what really went down on the night that set in motion the end of their friendship.

I really enjoyed the thrill of the twists and turns, and by the end, it felt like Rachel was a character that had died all over again – and I was heartbroken that she couldn’t be saved. Jaycee struggles with doing what her friend has asked of her and what she believes is right. She doesn’t simply follow a dead girl’s wishes, but agonises over what’s the right – the best way – to go about it.

It’s also a book about small town America that looks blissful on the surface, but the deep prejudices that run beneath the surface and the dark secrets the town keeps to itself. Nothing is as it seems.

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