Book Review: Control



A touch of the X-Men, a helping of love-hate relationships and a dab of family drama. I’ve stumbled into another futuristic trilogy. I’m withholding total judgement until I’ve read book two, but so far it doesn’t seem to be one of those ‘teenagers save the world from evil governments in the near future’. Just, teenagers save each other. I’m not sure I could have another Katniss/Tris/Cassia saves-the-world scenario.

When a crash leaves Dyl and Zel orphaned, Zel knows she needs to protect her baby sister. But before she can, Dyl is kidnapped and Zel is left alone – desperate to find out who took her sister. An unexpected hero takes Zel to a safe house for unusual teens where she must discover what made the others kidnap her sister – and how to get her back.

There’s a great love-hate romance that develops here between Zel and Cy, one of the teens in the safe house. I love me a little complication in a love story, and Cy is your typical bad boy with a sweet and soft centre. Awww. The other teens in the house create great contrasts and interesting relationships and complexities develop.

While it strongly feels like the X-Men, I guess that’s hard to escape as soon as you give people supernatural powers that develop from genetics. So I’ll give it a pass on that count. The story threw some great unexpected twists my way and I’m looking forward to seeing what book two, Catalyst, has in store.

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