The Week That Was

5804609504_b8b9a43a38_largeIt’s been my first full week of work. I’m not used to my 6:20am alarm just yet and this week I’ll have to set it even earlier as my work hours change. Ugh. Mornings. So bright. Never enough coffee.

1. Walks in the Gardens
On Monday I decided to take a walk around town. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go, but I had an hour lunch break so why not get out into the sun? I headed down Adderley and boom, found the bottom of Company Gardens (I really have no sense of direction or Geography). I took a walk all the way to the other side and down again, and it’s now my favourite thing to do over lunch. I’ll have to quicken my pace as my new hours mean a shorter lunch break, but Company Gardens, I’m coming for you.

2. Dinner with La
I’ve known La since Gr11 and she’s about to jet off to China to teach English. I headed over to her place on Tuesday where she made magical lasagne and I helped Alice, another friend from high school, decide which shirts suited her and which ones didn’t. Being around such a close group of girl house mates made me feel a tad lonely, and I wish that I had that at times. It’s really special when you can live with a friend/group of friends and form such an amazing bond like they have.

3. Mree Dinner
A friend from the internet (DA for life!), Marie has been living in Paris for the last few years and comes back to CT once a year to visit her family. Whenever I can, I snag her on these visits for a catchup. We went to Barusso’s in Kenilworth and ate ourselves silly.

4. Office Move
In the year, I’ve moved offices three times. This time I moved up to sit with one of the newer teams and one of the projects I’ll be assisting on. What’s awesome is that some of the girls in that office are from the seventeen team, so it’s a little bit like home to be with them again. I’m going to miss my spot that I’ve gotten used to over the past few months, but I’m a regular rolling stone. I’ll adapt.

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