Book Review: Screwed

screwedThis is book one in my #40BookChallenge (basically, I’m aiming to read 40 books this year). As a teen, I was kind of obsessed with teen pregnancy stories for a stage. Heaven knows why when I was as single as they come until I was about 17 (late bloomer if ever there was one). I was also really into those Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books, maybe I just really liked drama and tragedy.

When heartthrob Nick asks straight-A-bookworm Grace out during the first few days of summer vacation, she cannot believe her luck. By their third date, she’s had sex with him in the back of his car – and gets pregnant. Her best friend Jennifer thinks she should get an abortion. And surprisingly, so do her overly conservative parents. But when Grace goes for her first ultrasound, she decides she can’t have an abortion. Her decision to go through with the pregnancy will change everything about her life.

What I enjoyed about this book is how seamlessly Laurie Plissner switches points of view. While Grace is the main POV that we follow, she also switches to other character thoughts, giving us different views into Grace’s situation. The little love story that develops is sweet and touching, and you can’t help but love Grace’s bestie, Jennifer, even if she is blunt and inconsiderate some of the time.

However, what I didn’t like, was how Grace’s pregnancy was constantly made to seem like some monumental fuck up. Sure, getting pregnant at 17 isn’t the best thing that could happen. But, in this story, it was a mistake (she even used protection), yet every character constantly reminds her of how she’s fucked up, as if the rest of her life is ruined forever because she had sex. The shaming aspect of the story just didn’t sit well with me, which in the end, soured my enjoyment of the tale.

And while I loved the ‘fairy godmother’ aspect that comes in midway through, it’s just so unrealistic. I only kind of bought it. But as realistic tale of what happens when a pregnant teen is abandoned by almost everyone she loves? Well, this isn’t it. It’s a cute love story that adds a pregnancy in as a stumbling block for our young lovers. It was an ‘eh’ read. You won’t be missing much.

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