The Week That Was


Whoops, should have put this together and posted yesterday but I was OUT LIVING. So, here’s a late Week That Was post filled with the wonders of my last few days of leave and the beginning of the 2014 work year. And a whole lot of living thrown in as well.

Also, I know my pic up there aint all that. Blame my phone. I’m upgrading to something more awesome come the end of this year.

1. Last Days of Holiday
I went back to work on Wednesday, so Monday and Tuesday were spent enjoying the last bits of freedom I’ll have for very many months. On Monday I went to one of my favourite spots in Cape Town, The Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront. My top two exhibits are the predator tank and the kelp forest. It’s so peaceful to sit and stare at the huge tanks of water filled with underwater life we wouldn’t usually see.
On Tuesday I went to the hairdresser because nothing feels as good as getting your hair done. Head massages, beautifully styled locks and silly conversations with my hairdresser. I go to Savas Hair and they are the boss.

2. Back to Work
On Wednesday, I headed back to the office. I like starting work after a long break on a Wednesday as the week doesn’t feel quite so hard to get through. After nearly a month of sleeping in and doing whatever I felt like, it was weird to be back in the office. But I’m excited for this year and all the big things it’s going to bring.

3. Twitter Meet: Remythequil
On Friday I met up with Twitter friend Remythequil (but I just call him Rémy, cause we’re down like that). I’ve met a few people off Twitter in the past few months, but I think the Remy meet was one of my favourites. Awesome conversations and a really rad dude. Looking forward to seeing him more as we work in the same area. Yay for lunch friends!

4. Newlands Walk
On Saturday, the wonderful Tatti messaged me and asked if I was keen to go for a walk with her in Newlands forest. Now I made that deal with myself to say Yes to more things, so I did it! I said yes! I didn’t stay home and potato on the couch. And it was amazing. I haven’t done a walk in the forest in ages, and it was just so beautiful. We did a 5km trail and I’m really keen to do it again. My parents are convinced I’ll be murdered in the woods if I go alone, so I’m going to find myself a walking buddy. Or a dog to borrow.

5. Sea Point Sunday
On Sunday I woke up with a horrendous headache. But, in yet another turn of ‘saying yes to things’, I was invited to a Sea Point picnic with a group of Twitter friends (Anya, Claire Kirst and Lee-Ann, whose Twitter handle I don’t know) – AND I WENT. I often forget what a beautiful city we live in and how close gorgeous spots are. After the picnic I took a short walk along the promenade and definitely plan on doing more walks there, where I’m less likely to be murdered than in a forest.

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