Book Review: No One Else Can Have You

no one else can have youTHIS BOOK! LIKE OH-MY-GAH! It’s had a lot of mixed reviews, and I can see why. It’s an incredibly awkward book – the protagonist, Kippy Bushamn, is not easy to like, the pace is slow and the writing is often stilted, feeling almost forced. But man, oh, man. What a read. I really enjoyed it not in spite of its awkwardness, but because of it.

When Ruth Fried is found murdered and strung up like a scarecrow in the cornfields, the little town of Friendship, Wisconsin, doesn’t feel quite as friendly any more. With police that are less than competent to solve a crime this gruesome (they’re more suited to rescuing lost pets), Ruth’s best friend Kippy Bushman can’t shake the feeling that they’re pinning this on the wrong person. Socially awkward, super smart and mostly alone, she’s determined to find out who really killed Ruth.

Kippy is about the most awkward, geeky character I have ever read (and not in the ultimately cute way of Adorkable‘s Jeane), but in the kind of way that you want to shake some social sense her. She speaks without thinking, saying the most cringe-worthy things without realising just how inappropriate she is. Yet, you can’t help but want to back her, want her to be right about her suspicions.

Brilliantly funny (really, I had a few giggling fits) and terrifying (her town is so creepy!), this book had me hooked. I kept half thinking, ‘Maybe I should put it down, it’s all just so AWKWARD, but like, one more chapter’. And then I marathon read it one day during my break and bam, finished.

This book definitely isn’t for everybody, it’s one of those that you’ll either love or hate, but it’s definitely worth dipping into to see if it’s your fit.

For more on my reading list, check out my Goodreads profile.
This is book 2 in my #40bookchallenge.

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