Festive Season Wrap Up


Oh, hello. Why, I’m alive after all! With fingers for blogging and toes for wriggling, I’m giving this whole writing thing another go. By the end of last year I was frequently complaining to my friends that I was “over writing” and that I “hated words, grammar, sentences – the whole darn lot”. It’ been three weeks and I have one more to go before I head back to work, so it’s time to oil my rusty brain wheels and get back into writing.

This year has been a bit of a mindfuck to say the least. But the festive season brought with it the promise of four long weeks of nothing but time on my own. I was, admittedly, anxious to spend so much time on my own (hence I made a ridiculous bucket list), especially being recently single. But friends and family rallied around me, and when they were unavailable – Supernatural held my hand.

Christmas was a family affair. My mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend. It was the first time I spent Christmas Eve night alone. I headed over to my parents during the day to make my most epic and amazing cheesecake. But that night I returned to my little flat. Last year, under a wave of uber sadness, I fled to Dean’s place for Christmas Eve. But this year, single and intrepid, I faced it alone. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I got through it. Gold stars all around. The next day was filled with presents, food and family stuff, but I headed home again and tucked myself in. And found that even when I’m sad and alone, my bed still welcomes me.

New Year’s Eve is always a pretty kak time if you ask me. There’s so much pressure and expectations. The last two years I spent New Years with Dean, and before that I always rallied around friends and parties at someone’s home. This year, although invited to one or two events, I felt the need to not be around couples or strangers. Naturally, I spent a good portion of the afternoon crying (I have EMOTIONS, ok?!) but a cup of tea and a nap later, I calmed. I bought Chinese takeout from the place up the road, popped my champagne early and settled in for a night on the couch. I escaped to my new secret spot a few times during the night to watch the old year bow out and a new one in. And you know what? It was actually a pretty damn good New Years. Spent alone. With just two plants and a glass (or two) of champers for company. It was just what I needed and I don’t, for a moment, regret it.

2013 was a rough year, but I’m aiming to make 2014 the year of my dreams.

2 thoughts on “Festive Season Wrap Up

  1. I also have rusty brain wheels at the moment! Blogging is good for that sometimes.

    ‘New Year’s Eve is always a pretty kak time if you ask me.’ Couldn’t agree more! You did goood though.

    Hope 2014 is everything you want it to be. 🙂

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