Book Review: The Infinite Moment of Us

the infinite moment of usYou know when you meet a really hot guy and he seems funny, smart and really awesome? And then you go on a date and it’s bashing your face repeatedly into the table? In fact you’re probably going to stab yourself in the leg with a fork soon if he doesn’t stop being so painful. But you keep going because every 50 sentences he’s kinda charming and funny?

That’s this book. Only without the free food.

Charlie Parker has always been in love with Wren, the sweet, popular girl who always gets good grades. One day, Wren finally sees him – like really sees him. She’s struggling with the pressure of her parents’ dreams and the desire to break free from them. With only a summer together, Wren and Charlie fall deeply in love – but can their love survive the tumbles ahead?

This book really didn’t do it for me. I kept going in hopes that maybe it would right itself and be the funny, quirky book it started off as. But it didn’t. It gave me the case of the Old Ladies (as Anna puts it. And no, I don’t know her, I just love her blog). They’re so nauseatingly in love. And the way they freak out when they have fights – like the world is falling apart and they will die RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND. I just couldn’t. It was just too much, too overboard, too everything.

Also, ‘baby’ is back as a pet name to call your girlfriend? Since when? I think the ’90s want their slang back, Lauren Myracle.


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