The Summer of Jess


That’s it! In a few short hours, work is done and dusted for the year and I’m on leave til mid January. It’s a whole three (ish) weeks of sun, lazy days and way too much time to myself. I decided a while back that I want to make this a fantastic summer, to get out and do the things I haven’t done this year. I’ll update this post as I achieve my missions – or at the very least when I go back to work. Want to join me? That’d be more than exciting.

Let’s go!

1. Take at least one road trip/day trip.
2. Make new friends (hi, Twitter. Let’s meet up).
3. Spend time with my old friends.
4. Finish the books on my To Read Pile.
5. Take myself on at least three dates to some place I’ve never been before.
6. Go to the beach.
7. See live music at least twice.
8. Buy the prettiest summer dress (that I can also wear to work).
9. Do one touristy thing (red bus, table mountain, cape point – who’s game?)
10. Say yes to one thing I’d usually say no to (except coke. Always say no to coke).

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