Book Review: Idea War

idea war

Idea War was brought to my attention my a Twitter friend and is written by Abi Godsell. Set in a futuristic Jozi, this little, locally written tale, has the makings of a much bigger story. For me, it was too short, so I’m hoping there’s a part two in the works that will be a lot meatier.

In a world on edge after oil has caused wars, the overthrow of governments and military occupation by foreign states, Callie Baxter is desperate to get Johannesburg back in the hands of South Africans – and out of the hands of the Chinese. What follows is an all too short tale of young rebels attempting to claim back their city – their country and the military forces that oppose them.

I enjoyed switching between the different character’s points of view, it wasn’t ever confusing and I always knew who I was with. My only criticism is that in a book so short it felt like too much was squeezed into the pages. I’d have like a little less action with more meat to the stories rather than a skinnier plot with so much development. But, with only 60 pages to its name, this book tried hard and did a lot in a short space of time.

Here’s hoping that volume two comes out quickly – and is given a ton more pages.

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