The Week That Was



I’m not sure if it was the passing of Madiba, the approach of Christmas or just the last few months getting to me (again), but generally this week has sucked. A lot. I’ve just been a big old ball of misery. I’ve had my gal pals to lean on, but some heartaches, honey, you just got to go through.

1. Went for coffee and ice cream

With a new friend from Thanksgiving dinner. I finally got to try out The Creamery Cafe in Newlands, which is super cute. Great coffee, delicious ice cream and two solid hours of good conversation.

2. Mourning Mandela

In SA, we’ve been a country in mourning for the past ten days. I changed all my social media profiles to reflect this (and have shrugged off the shrouds of woe today). I went down to the Grand Parade with Anya over lunch to see the flowers and leave my own condolences. Sunday was the official funeral (let’s not talk about that state memorial on Tuesday!). I went over to my parent’s place (I don’t own a TV) and watched with my mum before scuttling off to the airport to fetch my father (yeah, I’m a fantastic daughter).

3. Finished two books

Expect reviews out later this week or early next week! I read The Infinite Moment of Us and a local gem, Idea War: Volume 1.


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