The Week That Was



Naturally this week for South Africans, as well as the world, has been overshadowed by the passing of our former president, Nelson Mandela. Much has been said, much more will be, but I’ll add only this to the conversation: Rest in peace, Tata. Without you, I’d never had been able to date Dean, I’d never have had the amazing bosses I’ve had, I wouldn’t be able to have my Uncle John or my (second) godfather Mbongeni or worked with the amazing team I had at seventeen. Our nation is forever in your debt for all you did.

1. Staff parties

On Tuesday was the staff part for seventeen. We went to Hudsons for burgers then on to Petitecoat Parlour for manis and a massage. On Friday, I went to the Fairlady staff party at Pepenero. Both were loads of fun and it was a surreal experience. Saying goodbye to an old way of life and hello to a new one.

2. Dinner with friends

This week I saw both Becs and Tarryn (The CT Bestie) for two separate dinners. There really is nothing like a good girlfriend and a good talk. I’m continuously grateful for the friendships I’ve made in the past few years, I know some pretty amazing women.

3. Mandela then Baby Jake pass away

As mentioned earlier, Mandela passed away on Thursday 5 December. I woke to the news on Friday and I’ve been amazed at how well local media is covering this hard, momentous event in our country’s history. From 5FM not playing a single ad since Friday morning to the constant coverage on eTV and SABC on Friday, there’s been no shortage of sensitive coverage. It’s going to be a tough week for our nation leading up to Mandela’s burial next Sunday. What I didn’t expect, was to feel so tearful and sad when he did pass.
Then, yesterday, news that Baby Jake Matlatla had also passed away. Another icon, another mourning.


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