The Week That Was

catching fire


It’s the first of December! And it’s all downhill to the holidays (17 days for me, but who’s counting? (me)). The sun is warm, the wind is wild, and I’m just about ready to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a whole new year.

1. Catching Fire

On Tuesday evening I did half price movies with Tarryn, Tarryn 2 and Tali. Sometimes there really is nothing better than a girls’ movie night. We squealed, we shrieked, we swooned and we 100% loved the movie. Very rarely is the movie adaptation as good as the book, but Catching Fire was phenomenal. All the performances were superb, and the costumes, plot twists and “scares” made it totally gripping. It’s definitely one I’d recommend and I’ll probably see it twice.

2. Finished MaddAddam

I got MaddAddam a while ago but didn’t manage to get into it the first try (mostly because I was totally wiped and couldn’t retain any information like what happened three pages earlier). I’m not going to review it here but I’ll probably review it for work (coming out next year, so it’ll be a few months). I really enjoyed it. It was more Oryx and Crake than it was Year of the Flood, but Margaret Atwood is simply a genius. She makes you laugh, she makes you cry and she astounds you with the worlds and characters she so deftly creates.

3. Went to my first Thanksgiving dinner

My Twitter friend, Anya, is from the land of the free and held a Thanksgiving dinner this year. I was lucky enough to be this year’s Random Twitter Invite and it was super awesome. Although I almost blew away on my way there, A’s flat and patio area is nicely sheltered. We feasted on traditional fare, played 30 Seconds (girls team won, both times) and I was introduced to Cards Against Humanity. I met several other Twitter faces and generally had a superb time.

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