The Week That Was

63c181764de211e383dc1219137b9e09_8It’s a whole new world and I’ve been working my butt off. All work and no play makes Jess a very busy girl.

We Won a PICA

That’s right, seventeen SA went out proud by winning the Best Teen Title in the Youth Category at the 2013 PICAs. When the tweet went out, I screamed and started crying. I am so, so proud to have been part of the seventeam. And to see all our hard recognised as we bow out of the industry was, as we say, #totesamaze.

New Job

I wrapped up my final ‘seventeen’ project on Thursday, but throughout last week I’ve been assisting another team as they prepare to launch a very exciting new site. It meant lots (and lots) of copy editing, but man, I’ve learn a ton of new things. Like how to check my credit record, how to care for roses and uses for nail varnish. Bam.

Started MaddAddam…again

I started reading Margaret Atwood’s latest novel a while back, but my brain was achey and exhausted and I couldn’t focus. But I’ve found I’m (surprisingly) less exhausted lately and am diving in to this book. And it’s good.


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