Book Review: Paper Towns

paper towns


I’ve quite loved John Green’s novels, Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars, so I’ve been pretty keen to throw myself into every single one of his books. I’ve started on others and stopped (*cough*An Abundance of Katherines*cough*). So when a coworker lent me her copy of Paper Towns, I was beyond psyched to dig in.

Quentin has spent a lifetime loving Margo, even after their gruesome discovery as preteens. Although their lives spun apart, Quentin has always watched the girl across the street and longed to be part of her world. When Margo knock on Q’s window for a one-night-only trip through town and vengeance, he doesn’t say no. Then, the next day, Margo is gone and Q is left chasing ghosts and tips trying to find her – the real her and not just the girl she pretended to be.

I was fairly disappointed by this book. I probably expected too much from it. I wanted more – more action, less pontificating. Margo was too cardboard cutout, Q was far too waffly and there were way to many pages spent on philosophical meanderings.

I wanted some grit, some meat, some reactions and interactions. But I was left bored and trudged through this book in hopes it would get exciting. But it didn’t.

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