Book Review: Breaking Nova

Breaking novaThis cover gave me expectations. It led me on. It made me think I knew what I was getting – BUT I DIDN’T. I was expecting a steamy, sexy New Adult story (i.e. a little more smut than YA is comfortable with). Throw in some dark and damaged and BAM, we have what I was looking for. Only not really.

When Nova lost her father, she broke apart. But loving Landon brought her back together, gave her strength and the fight to move on. But when Landon dies, he takes everything about her with him and she’s left numb and empty. Enter Quinton, a boy heavy with guilt after he was the driver in an epic crash. Sizzling chemistry meets hurting souls as the two are drawn to each other again and again. But will their darkness take them both down or can they make their way back to the surface?

One of my problem is, I get several books for my Kindle at once, so I don’t remember what books are about when I start reading them. I didn’t realist this was written by a serial serialist. I wanted stand-alone awesomeness. But alas. I thought that I’d get all my resolutions in one read, but now I have to wait for part two and three (will I read them? Probably. I have issues with leaving series unfinished.)

I like the chemistry and the dark twistyness, but I found this book a lot harder to read that I usually do with these kinds of books (i.e. Pushing the Limits). Scenes and chapters moves really slowly (seriously, an hour lasts for PAGES), but then the time between chapters jumped in massive leaps (weeks, MONTHS). It’s a jerky, uneven pace that’s quite unnerving.

I found Quinton very difficult to like as a character. He was just so…unrelenting in his self-destruction, just so one dimensional in it. Nova had a little more depth, but not much. There’s way too much introspection and not nearly enough action.

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