Book Review: Allegiant


Allegiant is the final installment in the Divergent trilogy, a futuristic series about teens who fight against (and for) a society that attempts to control them, their choices and their futures. Admittedly, I never totally fell in love with this series. but seeing as I was two thirds into the series, why not finish it?

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t read the previous two books, this is going to give away some plot points. So, yeah, be warned and shizz.

The faction based society that moulded Tris, Four and their friends and family have been destroyed. Evelyn wants to create the world anew – no factions, no groups, ‘equality for all’. But after the discovery of Edith Prior’s video, a rebellion (The Allegiant) is rising up and wants to find out about the outside world. Tris, Four, Peter, Caleb, Christina, Cara, Tori and others are selected to make the journey to the the other side of the walls – to the outside world and discover what the purpose of The Divergent are – and what can be done to stop the coming wars. What they discover, forces them to reassess everything they thought they knew.

My biggest issue with this book? The sudden introduction of Tobias as a narrator. Until now, we’ve read (in the main cannon) Tris’s point of view and suddenly Tobias is speaking too? Plus, as has been mentioned on other sites, it was incredibly difficult to tell their voices apart. I’d think I was reading Tris’s POV and suddenly she’s in the scene and I’m like WHA? Very confusing and untrue to the previous two books.

I didn’t love it. I got pretty bored in sections and had to force myself through. I just never gelled with the characters, I never loved them or really were invested in them (it’s no secret I’m not a fan of Four). And it’s probably just me and my potato mash brain, but I kept getting plot points and aspects of the world confused with that of the Matched trilogy (Book one reviewed here).

Eh. Read it, don’t read it. It doesn’t make my list of 2013 good reads or even feature on my fave series list (can I have a sidebar moment here? Please stop with the trilogies – especially the Dystopian trilogies. I love me some Dystopia, but OH MY GOD ENOUGH.)

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