Book Review: The Originals

the originalsTriplets-that-are-actually-clones. Love triangle. Drama. This has the makings of an awesome, awesome novel. But as much as I loved the concept, the story never takes off. Which is disappointing when the author has a name as awesome as Cat Patrick.

Lizze, Ella and Betsey grew up as identical triplets – until the government discovered their existence and they were forced to flee with their mother and live as one person. The truth that haunts them? The girls are much closer than sisters – they’re all clones of another girl. But as they grow older and struggle for their own freedom and need for independence, so the cracks in their ‘one’ life begin.

This is a great idea for a novel. A little science fiction (I mean, who grew up and DIDN’T want an identical twin to pull Sweet Valley jinx with? Triplets? EVEN BETTER). But it’s a little flat. The character’s decisions often feel too forced (finding ‘the love of your life’ at 17? Ugh, no!). This book requires too many leaps of faith and too much suspension of disbelief for it to work.

It’s not to say I didn’t like it, I did. But it was a lukewarm like. Like a bath left too long when you get caught up on the phone with your bestie and you come back to an icky tepid tub of water. Not nice.

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