Hair-ventures: Part 2


I last wrote about my hair adventures in October last year. I’ve still been working on reclaiming my natural colour and texture, but man: heat styling in winter + bleached ends = rat’s nest. Thick, curly hair like mine is a difficult beast at the best of times, but since I went on this mission to go from black to my mousey blonde/brown, it’s been horrid. I decided to cheat on my regular hairdresser and give Savas Hair a try.

AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. My layers were out of kilter before (the front layers being a good couple of centimetres shorter than the longest ones, with very few medium length ones in between). My hair was crispy, frizzy, knotted and just a general yeugh. I always hate going to hairdressers with my hair in that state, but Savas (who I saw) said not a word (only said how wonderfully thick my hair was. If hair could blush, my hair would have) Also: you get the most wonderful head and neck rub when you get your hair did! Kinda wanted to ask if they could just keep doing that.

I am so happy with the outcome, My layers are more even, he applied a protein treatment that my hair just sucked up like a vampire on a bender, and he styled it oh-so-gorgeously. The slightest of waves to give it that summer, beachy waves vibe.

My hair is looking so good, I almost want to give up my hermitage for one night.

131019-171849(excuse the tired eyes and terrible pic quality. I’M JUST NOT COOL, OKAY?!)


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