Book Review: Friday Brown

Friday BrownThis is a surprising little gem of a book. It’s a little slow to begin with, but if you stick with it, it’ll haul you on an adventure through Australia that’ll tug your heart into your belly. Make you feel things in a way that few authors can. It’s a gritty read, like gravel on your toast.

When Friday Brown’s mother dies, she flees her grandfather’s house in search of her father and she’s adopted by a group of street kids on her way. From Silence, the boy who can’t speak, to the beautiful, dangerous and charismatic leader, Arden, Friday is drawn ever deeper into their world. A girl who’s never stayed in one place too long soon finds herself unable to leave.

It’s a tale of love, friendship, trust and betrayal. It’s a slow book, winding itself up slowly like clockwork and when it springs at you, it’ll be a sharp slap. I really enjoyed how the setting – Australia – didn’t feel forced. The streets could have been any streets, the flavour of the country was subtle, not sharp. It’s a delicate tale that still manages to feel like a face slide across the tar.

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