Book Review: The Distance Between Us

the distance between us

Poor girl meets rich boy in a sweet, but not remarkable, romance. That being said, I enjoyed this little tale of love across the lines of wealth. That being said, it’s exactly what I wanted at the time – and I got exactly what I wanted out of the story: warm fuzzies.

Caymen helps her mother run a porcelain doll shop (which, much to her embarrassment, they live above). Their shop draws in the wealthy by the bucketload and Caymen thinks they’re only good for one thing: spending money on useless junk. So when Xander walks in, it’s obvious he’s just another rich boy. But Xander keeps coming around and soon Caymen finds herself unable to get enough of him.

You can pretty much tell where this book is going to go from the very first page, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes getting exactly what you want is a rewarding experience. No surprises, just predictable sweetness with a little drama added for texture. Not a remarkable book, not a bad book, just a book about boy-meets-girl.

Kassie West is also the author of Pivot Point.

For more on my reading list, check out my Goodreads profile.

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