Book Review: Fangirl



Earlier this year I read both Attachments and Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell’s two previous novel. So I was super excited to get my paws on Fangirl the moment it was available on Amazon (oh Kindle, how I love thee). Quirky meets cute meets even better dialogue, Rainbow Rowell knows how to create characters that you totally fall in love with (I want to be Cath’s bestie).

When Cath starts varsity, her identical twin sister Wren begins to pull away. They’ve always been Built-in BFFs forever, but now, Wren wants to stand on her own and Cath is left unmoored in the overwhelming world of college. Add to that a snarky roommate called Reagan, worrying about her fragile father and two gorgeous, but unobtainable guys, and you get Cath’s life.
Cath’s also obsessed with Simon Snow – and writes her own fan fiction about him and his nemesis Baz (a super popular fanfic at that). It used to be part of what tied her and Wren together, but now it seems to be driving them apart.
Can Cath survive college when all she wants to do is give up?

What I really love about Rainbow Rowell’s characters is how real they are. They’re not typically gorgeous, witty or even remarkable in that way many novel’s make their protagonists. They’re wonderfully flawed, they’re you, they’re me. They’re the kind of character you wish you could be friends with, that you want to call up and hang out with.

The dialogue is magical, especially between Reagan and Cath. I love the character development and that the Big Event of the novel isn’t where it ends. In fact, there’s almost more than one Big Event and Rainbow Rowell doesn’t leave you guessing or give you a ‘happily ever after’ solution to the dramatic events that Cath experiences. The consequences are real. The emotions are powerful.

Rainbow Rowell has yet again crafted a novel that’s so… tangible you get lost in it and never want it to end.

For more on my reading list, check out my Goodreads profile.

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