Book Review: Reboot

reboot“On a futuristic Earth, one teen…” Fine, fine – I have a book ‘type’. I wanted to deny it, pretend I wasn’t the kind of girl who had ‘types’ of likes (boys, books, shows, cups of coffee…), but I am. I have types. I have preferences and dammit, world! I will not be denied! I will read my dystopian futures and wish for a different world!

Sidenote: this book is in no way related to that awesome ’90s TV show of the same name. Man, I miss Mainframe.

Five years ago, Wren died. 178 minutes later, she woke up. In this version of the future, a deadly virus has swept across earth. When it kills you – you’ll ‘reboot’. The longer it takes you to reboot, the less ‘human’ you’ll be. Wren is the highest number Reboot for a long time. Living in the Reboot compound ruled by HARC (a human, military operation), Wren and the other teen Reboots are made into law enforcers. Wren has never questioned HARC, their missions or way of life until Callum, a 22, arrives.  Callum’s inability to fall into the Rebbot way of life makes Wren question what she always thought of as normal.

Naturally, this has been made into a series now. I really liked it as a standalone, though. Zombie-like teens with lethal weapons acting on the orders of adult humans? Oooh, scandal! I loved that Wren was the leader – the tough one and Callum followed her lead (instead of the other way round – which is a typical story arch in a lot of YA).

I guess I shouldn’t be annoyed by this, but I am: Callum is what forces Wren to rethink her life. A boy. A love interest. Not her friend Ever. Must romance always force our lady protagonist’s hand? Ugh. Ladies of Fiercesomeness don’t need manboys to make them mighty!

ANYWAY! It’s a good read – lots of action, drama, battles and a few ‘moral’ dilemmas. It felt a bit rushed in places – like Amy Tintera was trying to force too much into too few pages. I don’t think the story needed to be split up into more than one novel – just add some more pages, allow the plot to develop a little more rather than rush and stumble.

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One thought on “Book Review: Reboot

  1. I love this! From admitting to having “types of likes” (which I completely relate to, because being asked about types either makes me feel judged, or makes me feel like I’m being forced to conform), to “Ladies of Fiercesomeness don’t need manboys to make them mighty!”. (Which is my quote of the day, and every single day hereafter).

    I feel the same way! Why should it always be a boy who “softens” the girl? It’s like “Ja, you’re okay- being all strong and independent. But that’s just you biding your time until the right guy comes along…” So. Annoying.

    The idea of the book is really interesting, though. I actually don’t mind a bit of dystopia myself, ever since I discovered Goddess Lauren Beukes of the Incredible African Sci-Fi.


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