Book Review: Pivot Point

pivot pointX-Men like super powers? A secret community? Why, hello there little novel! I’m mostly not into super natural-themed books (angels, witches, vamps? Hm, not often! Unless it’s on TV and we’re talking about Damon, Katherine or Caroline). But give me an X-Men / super hero-type lead character and I’m your man. Woman. Person.

Addie Coleman lives in The Compound with her parents and the other … well, ‘super naturals’ I guess. Everyone in The Compound possess some kind of advanced mental ability (telekinesis, lie detecting, ability to modify memories etc). Addie is a Searcher: when faced with a choice, she’s able to see the path each decision will take her down. When her parents get divorced, she has to choose between staying with her mother in The Compound or venturing out into the ‘real’ world with her father and living with the Norms (us regular folk). As she looks down each path she is faced with love, betrayal and the hardest choices of all – what (and who) can she live with … and without.

The chapters alternate between realities, but I never felt confused or thrown off. It was pretty easy to remember which reality I was going into whenever I picked up the book or moved between chapters. I love me some mental powers (I mean, who wouldn’t want to be X-Meny?!). Plus, with two paths there’s a double dose of love interest drama (yum!).

I picked up on a few of the plot twists early on, so there was less suspense than I’d hoped for, but I was thrown by one  of them. Mostly, I was sad at how it ended – I want more. Which I think is a good feeling to have at the end of a book – to like it so much that there just weren’t enough pages in the story. So I’m pretty excited that there’s a second book due in 2014, Split Second.  I hope it will explore The Compound and that reality more. I already live in the ‘Norm world’, give me my fantasy life!

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