Book Review: Holier Than Thou

holier than thouI took a break from YA for a bit (GASP) to read some more contemporary fiction. But never fear, life in all its glorious stressfulness has delivered me back into the arms of sweet, sweet YA. This one looked like a good leap back in: a certain sexiness, damaged characters, hints of regrets and tragedy. Gosh, just tie me down and shove it in my eyeballs already!

Holly Yarkov is tough-as-nails, but damaged girl. Her job as a social worker both drives her and wears her down, her school friends are moving into different circles and she is still overwhelmed by the loss of her father. Through it all is her boyfriend, her anchor in all storms. In our story, she’s borne back into the past by memories of her father, losing him and a boy who might have been.

This book didn’t quite live up to it’s blurb. It’s a ‘could have been’, an ‘almost but not quite’, it had potential, it just didn’t reach it. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t set in America or the UK (although some of the Aussie slang was lost on me). And I liked the idea behind it – a story that’s not necessarily going anywhere, but dealing with the character’s “inner journey”. Our protagonist isn’t someone you necessarily like, and I like that in a book. But I never really fell for her. I never committed. I never was all the way in.

If you’re bored, give it a go. But I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll just be disappointed.

For more on my reading list, check my Goodread’s profile.

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