Book Review: The 5th Wave

5th waveWhile I love my YA and dystopian futures, I’m not really an alien girl (except Roswell, I mean, hello! Alien hotties come to lurve you?!). If we’re going to go fantasy-ish, then give me zombies. Even werewolves and a vampire (sparkling optional), but aliens? Apart from The Host (which even then was flawed), I’ve never really got the alien obsession. Until Rick Yancey’s remarkably awesometastic book of dystopian America, alien invaders, trust and betrayal.

The previous four waves have wiped out over 90% of earth’s population. Now, earth’s scattered survivors are bracing them for the 5th wave. After an electromagnetic pulse that wiped out all electronics, a disease the turns your insides into mush and wacked out humans ready to blow you up, you can’t trust anyone. Cassie is alone, struggling to stay alive and keep a promise. Then, she meets Evan Walker and she has to decide… who can she trust and who can she rely on? Parallel to this is the story of Ben Parish, Cassie’s one-time crush, who battles his own demons – both within and without.

This book was a page-turner, can’t-be-put-downer, read-in-a-weeker. And now I have to wait until 2014 for the next installment  I mean, what kind of cruel torture is that?! This is why I prefer to pick up trilogies/series once they’re all wrapped up – so I can binge read and never have to, like, wait to read what comes next. Patience. Geeze, what an overrated concept. As you can tell, I was totally obsessed. A thriller with a dash of romance and family drama, this book was all kinds of brain candy.

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