Book Review: How To Save A Life

HOW TO SAVE A LIFEAdmittedly I was attracted to this book because of that song by The Fray of the same name. And the novel had some of the same levels of heart-achey angst. The story is told from two perspectives – Jill and Mandy – and the events that bring them together also set them so far apart, it seems like they’ll never connect.

After Jill’s dad dies, she wants nothing more than to go back to how things were. To have a normal life, to be understood in the way only her dad could – but she pushes everyone away from her. Then her mother decides to adopt a baby – Mandy’s baby. Mandy, an oddball by any standard, is alone, afraid and desperately searching for a new beginning for her and for her baby. When Mandy moves in with Jill and her mom to await the birth of the baby, both girls are forced to confront the events that brought them there – and where they’ll go in the future.

I like the switching-perspective story telling, it worked well with two such different characters as Jill and Mandy. The ending was kind of predictable – I guess the title of the book is a bit of a giveaway, especially once you start reading – but it was ok. Not great. Not fantastic. Ok.

For more on my reading list, hit Goodreads.


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