The Week That Was


It’s been a while since I did one of these. A long while. A while so long I don’t think I can even call it a while anymore. What’s longer than a while but shorter than an eon?

I was on leave from Thursday – Monday, so at least I’ll have something more interesting to say than I have had in the last few weeks.

1. kidofdoom

Kidofdoom is one of my fave bands. A group of Pretoria-based lads, the band officially broke-up in…2011? 2010? Crap, I’m not sure. But it was a while back. Currently, they’re on a Reunion Tour sponsored by Red Heart Rum. I checked them out at Assembly in CT with The Boyfriend and the ever-so-fine Texx. It’s been AGES since I saw Sexy Texxy, so we spent a lot of the night leaning on the bar or lounging on the couches catching up. Except for kidofdoom’s 18 song set, of course. When we were firmly in our spot – left of centre stage, by the speaker. The band was epic, the company was grand, it was totally worth the 40-minutes it took me to straighten my mane of hair.

2. Old friends and good coffee

The long weekend also gave me time to catch up with another friend I haven’t seen in ages, Becs. Coffee and two and half hours later, we were all caught up. Well. Almost. Seeing Becs and Texx again reminded me the great thing about my friends and being this age – we don’t have to see each other every week for our friendships to remain strong. It’s good to know one has good people in your life.

3. New Series

I’ve started watching TNT’s Perception and BBC2’s The Fall (the latter gave me serial killer nightmares last night buuuuut I’m gonna keep with it). Both of them are pretty short seasons, 10 and 5 episodes respectively. But both have been renewed for second seasons, so I reckon they’re worth a try.


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