An Incoherent List of Things

The Week That Was

This post is inspired by Laurie’s post. Because words are hard and stuff and things.

1. I’m nearing the end of a long period of rolling deadlines. Just two left. I’m busy bashing the heck out of our July/August supplement. So many dresses. So much glitter. So much dance. <- at least I was when I started this post. I KILLED IT NOW.

2. Some days I think I really don’t give a fuck what other people think of me. Other days, I care a lot. I suppose this is an improvement from teenage me who was permanantly paralysed by the need-to-please and the desire-to-be-liked.

3. Kasha was done for the last two weeks. She moved to the UK last year (sob), so it’s been forever since i saw her. Sneaky coffee dates during the week and a yummy dinner over the weekend she was here. It’s lovely to have such lovely friends.

4. Deadlines are murderous to blogging. I struggle to find time (or energy) to put something up here when crunched between competing deadlines. Luckily, I’m heading straight towards what should be the last hectic deadline of the year.

6. a4KvdAp_460s

(there is no 5).

3 thoughts on “An Incoherent List of Things

  1. Oh my god – that picture is amazing XD

    It was SO GOOD to see you, Jessness! You’re doing so well and it was lovely to hear all of your news. So much love for you, my friend.

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