7teamThree years ago I (nervously) walked into an office in Green Point. My (then) boss was in Jozi for the day so the (then) office manager showed me to my desk, where an ancient Mac sat waiting for me. I met some coworkers, freaked out at how I didn’t know how to operate a Mac and got a ‘welcome to the team’ phonecall from my boss/editor – Khwezi. It was scary. It was awesome. I’d gone from a four person team to a ten person team, part of a swell little company called 8 Ink Media.

Three years on, a change of editor, change of company owndership plus a few other team changes, and I’m sitting on the 19th floor in the CBD. I’ve now been with seventeen for so long it feels like forever, in a good way. I’ve learnt to tell Selena from Demi, kinda fallen in love with Justin’s music and say ‘totes’ & ‘amaze’ in totally un-ironic ways. I think of my job as working in the glitter mines – producing fab content and getting to be the squee-ing girly girly I really am.

Happy work-aversary, self. You done good.

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