Book Review: Dark Inside and Rage Within

Dark Inside rage within

For someone who hates gory violence, it’s a great surprise that I’m loving the Dark Inside Trilogy by Jeyn Roberts. There’s quite a lot of blood and guts, and some fairly brutal scenes (which I speed read over as fast as I can). Then again: there’s a dystopian future, an apocalypse and, a new fave, zombies!

Earthquakes shake the world and awaken an unspeakable rage in most people. Those that haven’t been taken over by the anger and blood lust are left to fight for their lives against former friends, foes and strangers they come to call The Baggers. The books is told from five different perspectives: Clementine, Aries, Mason, Michael and a mysterious voice we only know as Nothing at this point.

I won’t do too much plot synopsis, as doing a double review would spoil Dark Inside for some. I really enjoyed both books. I love a bit of chaos and broken down societal order, like, who doesn’t?! Adventures, scares, thrills and a little touch of love. Read if you want a bit of a scare but not hideous nightmares for the rest of your life that will maim your soul and crush your dreams.

I can’t wait for the third book!

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